Learn Game Changing Sports Psychology & Mental Training

Up your game for good with one-on-one mental performance coaching. Tested & proven to help athletes build mental toughness and high level mental skills. Learn to consistently perform at your best during competition!

The Only Thing Between You And Repeatable Success On The Field Or Court Is Your Mind

Success Starts Within’s training has shown to break athletes out of all kinds of mental game challenges that keep them from performing their best in games. Leave the fear, anxiety and low confidence in last season!

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What Are The Benefits?


Mental coaching helps you build confidence in yourself and your skills.


Gain better focus and concentration skills with proven mental training.


Learn how to be more resilient and grow from failure.


Master your nerves and overcome performance anxiety.


A mental coach will help you understand what drives you to succeed.


Mental coaches empower you to take control of your internal dialogue

Get Affordable, One-on-One Mental Performance Coaching

One-on-one mental coaching to help you build mental skills, overcome your mental game challenges, and elevate your performance.

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Not Ready For Coaching? Take Our Mental Training Advantage Course On Your Time

Mental Training Advantage is the ultimate resource for athletes. In this course, you will learn tools & technique to increase self-confidence, improve focus, manage expectations & pressure, increase motivation, and build mental toughness.


Meet Your Coach

Eli Straw, M.S. - Mental Game Coach

Eli Straw holds a Master's Degree in psychology with a sport psychology specialization. Combined with his expertise in clinical and applied sports psychology, Eli has extensive experience coaching, teaching, and consulting with professional, elite, college, high school, middle school, and youth athletes. Eli also has experience playing baseball at the collegiate and professional levels. Eli works with athletes of all sports and all levels and is a current member of the AASP.

Mental Game Coach Eli Straw

About Success Starts Within

Success Starts Within provides sports psychology resources to athletes and performers looking to improve their mental game. Success Starts Within offers 1-1 mental performance coaching and mental training courses to help you build confidence, mental toughness, and all the mental skills you need to elevate your performance. We also provide many free resources, including weekly articles, podcasts, and videos that cover sport psychology topics to help you master the mental game. No matter your sport, skill level, or financial ability, you will find the mental training resources you need here at Success Starts Within.

Mission Statement

Make mental training and sport psychology accessible, affordable, and achieveable to all athletes.