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What Athletes are Saying...

“Yesterday I played my first match and I won! It’s my first professional main draw win! I feel really good mentally. I think that throughout the match I was staying positive, calm, and confident. Even when there were times where I missed opportunities (a lot) I didn’t let it stick with me. I moved on very quickly so I could stay focused on the next point.”

-Samantha I | Professional Tennis Player

“I can’t believe it’s been 12 weeks!! I have noticed a difference in Crue’s attitude and approach to his game on and off the field. His self-talk has definitely improved and he’s not nearly as upset with himself after practices or games!! Thank you for your focus and dedication to him and for helping to introduce new coping skills into his life, I know he’s implemented them on and off the field.”

-Itajai | High School Football Mom

“In three months I accomplished more mentally than I could have ever thought possible with proof of it working with my performances.”

-Kadi B | Professional Squash Player