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Eli Straw

Eli holds a Master’s Degree in psychology with a sport psychology specialization and is working towards a doctorate in the field. Eli brings a proactive and applicable approach to sport psychology. He believes that repetition is the key to success and so it is no different when it comes to mental training. Eli’s philosophy is to make mental training a habit that becomes part of your daily routine. That is how he believes lasting change can be created.

Eli's Story

Eli Straw has an M.S. in psychology along with being a professional baseball player. Like many of us, he has dealt with insecurities, self-doubt, low self-confidence, and all other terrible ways of thinking that can limit your potential. However, these past struggles have served as a blessing, because they pointed Eli in the direction of sport psychology.

Beginning in his high school years, Eli felt tremendous amounts of anxiety and self-doubt in all aspects of his life, especially on the baseball field. This proved to be troublesome because his dream was to play college baseball and have a shot at a professional team. Luckily, while in college, Eli teamed up with John Ellsworth from protexsports.com and learned the needed skills to combat his performance anxiety and build a strong sense of self-confidence.

This introduction into the field of sport psychology opened Eli’s eyes and gave him the motivation to want to help others who struggle with similar mental game challenges. According to Eli, these challenges kept him from reaching his potential early on in his life, which is why he is so passionate about helping others, so they can move forward with full confidence in achieving their dreams.

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