What Athletes are Saying...

"Working with Eli helped further my appreciation for the importance of mental strength within athletics. We worked together for 3 months, focusing on different phases that impacted my game in various ways. My in-game anxiety diminished while both my confidence in myself and my game took huge leaps. Most importantly, I learned tools that continue to improve my mental toughness not only in athletics, but in life."

-Clay | College Basketball Player

"I learned tools that I hadn't come across before, even though I have been to many mindfulness courses over the years. I loved Eli's friendly, engaging, and entertaining style of delivery. I now have more understanding of the science behind mental training and resilience. Many thanks indeed!"

-Kevin | Olympic Skeet

"I can’t believe it’s been 12 weeks!! I have noticed a difference in Crue’s attitude and approach to his game on and off the field. His self-talk has definitely improved and he’s not nearly as upset with himself after practices or games!! Thank you for your focus and dedication to him and for helping to introduce new coping skills into his life, I know he’s implemented them on and off the field."

-Itajai | High School Football Mom

"In three months I accomplished more mentally than I could have ever thought possible with proof of it working with my performances."

-Phyllis H | Professional Acrobat

"My work with Eli was really productive and definitely helped me when I was in a tough moment in my career. He's great at pinpointing exactly what you need to improve and helps you do just that."

-Michael C | Professional Soccer Player

"I have benefited from working with Eli by becoming more mindful about ways to strengthen my golf game on the mental side, therefore, improving my game greatly. Throughout this summer I got my average to be in the 30’s. I am now able to let go of mistakes easier and faster than before. One of the best strategies I learned was how to be able to break down my larger goals into smaller more manageable ones. It is not as much pressure to have to fulfill the smaller goals as it is for the larger ones."

-Nick H | High School Golfer

"Yesterday I played my first match and I won! It’s my first professional main draw win! I feel really good mentally. I think that throughout the match I was staying positive, calm, and confident. Even when there were times where I missed opportunities (a lot) I didn’t let it stick with me. I moved on very quickly so I could stay focused on the next point."

-Samantha I | Professional Tennis Player

"I reached out to Success Starts Within when I was feeling helpless at matching my performance level during practice with real matches. I have been seeing a huge improvement over the course of 12 weeks working with Eli. I am feeling more confident in my skills and my mental abilities."

-Kadi B | Professional Squash Player

"Eli Straw Is amazing at what he does. He really knows what he’s doing. He listens to you and takes it into evaluation to give you the best plan and course of action he can. I would recommend working with Eli to anyone who wants or needs mental coaching."  

-Jason A | High School Soccer Player

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