Mental Game Coaching for All Sports & Athletes of All Levels

Turn practice skills into game-time execution with our 12-week mental performance coaching program via phone calls and video conferencing. Learn the secrets to increasing self-confidence, improving focus, managing pressure & building mental toughness. This program includes a weekly coaching call and unlimited text and email correspondence.

"I reached out to Success Starts Within when I was feeling helpless at matching my performance level during practice with real matches. I have been seeing a huge improvement over the course of 12 weeks working with Eli. I am feeling more confident in my skills and my mental abilities."

-Kadi B | Squash

"My work with Eli was really productive and definitely helped me when I was in a tough moment in my career. He's great at pinpointing exactly what you need to improve and helps you do just that."

-Michael C | Professional Soccer Player

"In three months I accomplished more mentally than I could have ever thought possible with proof of it working with my performances."

-Phyllis H | Acrobat

"I can’t believe it’s been 12 weeks!! I have noticed a difference in Crue’s attitude and approach to his game on and off the field. His self-talk has definitely improved and he’s not nearly as upset with himself after practices or games!!"

-Itajai | High School Football Mom

"I have benefited from working with Eli by becoming more mindful about ways to strengthen my golf game on the mental side, therefore, improving my game greatly. Throughout this summer I got my average to be in the 30’s."

-Nick H | High School Golfer

"Yesterday I played my first match and I won! It’s my first professional main draw win! I feel really good mentally. I think that throughout the match I was staying positive, calm, and confident."

-Samantha I | Professional Tennis Player

What You’ll Learn in Your 1-1 Coaching

With mental coaching for athletes, you’ll have access to a customized program built specifically for you. We’ll identify areas in your game keeping you from reaching your full potential, and use actionable mental training methods to advance your skills. Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll learn years worth of valuable mental training information.

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Who Is Mental Coaching For?

  • You are an athlete struggling with anxiety, low confidence, fear of failure, perfectionism, poor focus, or any other mental game challenge keeping you from performing your best.
  • You feel as though your practice talents are not translating into game-time execution.
  • You struggle to perform well under pressure.
  • You are looking for another way to elevate your game and reach your goals as an athlete.
  • Traditional counseling and therapy hasn't worked for you in overcoming the mental game challenges you face as an athlete.
  • You are ready and willing to put in the work required to strengthen your mind and improve your game.
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What You’ll Gain


Mental coaching helps you build confidence in yourself and your skills.


Gain better focus and concentration skills with proven mental training.


Learn how to be more resilient and grow from failure.


Master your nerves and overcome performance anxiety.


A mental coach will help you understand what drives you to succeed.


Mental coaches empower you to take control of your internal dialogue

Heres What’s Included In Your 12-Week Mental Coaching Program


This will be used to find out where you are mentally strong, and the specific areas that keep you from reaching your potential.


This is a customized plan focused on the areas requiring improvement and specific focus. Some examples include: managing fear and anxiety, goal setting, improving confidence, maintaining composure, coping with injury, improving focus, overcoming perfectionism, and not letting frustration or anger ruin your performance.


Weekly calls (either over the phone or zoom) will be used to facilitate the custom mental training plan and celebrate advances in mental skills and performance success.


The mental training is designed to provide you with mental game handouts, reading materials, and workbooks to help facilitate growth.


Following the coaching corner, I will go over the mental training lesson for the day. You will leave each call with a mental training action plan for the week.


Every four weeks we will have a check in. We will get an idea of how the mental coaching is going for you as the athlete and make any tweaks to the mental performance coaching program that you may need. This will be an opportunity to make sure our focus is flowing in the right direction.

Mental Coaching for Athletes Is Based On 3 Core Ideas:

  1. Identify the current mental game challenges keeping you from performing your best: this is where the assessment comes into play. Before our first session, you will complete the assessment. I will then create follow-up questions to perform a deep dive during our first call. This will be where we work together to get to the core of the mental game challenges keeping you from performing your best in games.
  2. Outline a mental training plan to turn your weaknesses into strengths: once your current challenges are identified, I will create a custom plan for you. Mental coaching for athletes is truly personalized. There is no one size fits all approach. I will create a plan that is completely tailored to you. One that will turn your current weaknesses into strengths to help you become the player you know you can be.
  3. Make the change happen with weekly action steps and coaching: success in mental coaching stems from our weekly coaching sessions, where we work through your current challenges and where you'll learn mental training tools and skills that will strengthen your mindset. But success also stems from the work you do between the calls. That's where the action steps come into play. Giving you an opportunity to take what you learn and apply it directly to your game.

Weekly Action Steps Included

Each week you are going to leave our call with action steps for you to do.

Change happens from taking action! All of the skills I'll teach you require you to put in the effort to make that change happen.

That's where the weekly action steps come into play. Through the exercises, you will not only be learning how to strengthen your mind and overcome your mental game challenges,
but putting the tools into practice!

Athlete Success Story

The mental coaching I have received from Eli was a game changer. I started off this programme having almost lost hope with ever getting over my performance anxiety and motivation to train anymore because of the fear and anxiety that had become apart of my training.With Eli I was able to learn so much about myself, my triggers and most importantly how to build up my own confidence so that the things I had learnt will stay with me and become apart of my lifestyle and not just exercises. In three months I accomplished more mentally than I could have ever thought possible with proof of it working with my performances.I highly recommend Eli to anyone struggling mentally with their sport. It helps to have someone who has been through it themselves that you can not only relate with but that takes the time to understand you as a person and how your brain works to find strategies that will stick with you in the long run. Thanks Eli!

Phyllis H
Professional Acrobat

Change Won't Happen Simply Through Hope!

By working one-on-one with me as your mental coach, you are taking the next step towards change.

It's time to get off the sidelines and stop hoping for your mental game to stop getting in the way. Get started today and take matters into your own hands, controlling the only thing you have to control...yourself!

Meet Your Mental Coach

Eli Straw, M.S. - Mental Game Coach

Eli Straw holds a Master's Degree in psychology with a sport psychology specialization. He has worked one-on-one with athletes from 6 different continents and over ten different countries on building a stronger mental game.Combined with his expertise in clinical and applied sports psychology, he brings a proactive approach to mental training. Eli has extensive experience coaching, teaching, and consulting with professional, elite, college, high school, middle school, and youth athletes. He has witnessed both the ups and downs of sports, through the eyes of a coach and as player himself, and understands the impact competition can have on your mind. Eli works with athletes of all sports and all levels and is a current member of the AASP.

Mental Game Coach Eli Straw

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